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Curriculum Vitae


I am an interdisciplinary data scholar. I currently complete my PhD in American History in Tel-Aviv University and work as chief scientist in the Center for Interdisciplinary Data Research at the Hebrew University and as a Senior Research Fellow at the Jewish Public Policy Institute. I also have extensive experience as software engineer, team leader and data scientist in the high-tech industry.

Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. O. Rappel-Kroyzer. "The UDC California Division Members Database: Using Spatial Analysis to Shed new Light on the Formation of Civil War Memory in California." Proceedings of the 7th ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on Geospatial Humanities. 2023. DOI:

  2. A.  Yoskovich, O.  Rappel-Kroyzer, Y. Marmor, S. Levi, and E. Ben-Eliyahu, “ALMA Digital Atlas of the Ancient Jewish World: An Introductory Essay”, Jerusalem Journal of Archeology, 2023.

  3. U. Sommer, O. Rappel-Kroyzer. “Geographical Analysis of Political Epidemiology: Spatial Quantification of Simultaneity between Politics and Pandemics”. 2023 Political Geography, 106. DOI:

  4. U. Sommer, O. Rappel-Kroyzer, A. Adamczyk, L. Lerner and A. Weiner. “The Political Ramifications of Judicial Institutions: Establishing a Link between Dobbs and Gender Disparities in the 2022 Midterms”. 2023 Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World, 9. DOI: 

  5. U. Sommer and O. Rappel-Kroyzer “Pandemic Politics in the USA”. 2022. Political Psychology 43(4). DOI: 10.1111/pops.12792

  6. U. Sommer and O. Rappel-Kroyzer “Media Coverage in Democracies during the Outbreak of COVID-19”. 2022. Information Technology and Politics 19(4). DOI: 10.1080/19331681.2021.1997869

Conference presentations


  1. American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, “Ballpark Learning: AI Framework to Assess Political Persuasion and Polarization” (with Udi Sommer and Dafna Shahaf)

  2. Graphs and Networks in the fourth dimension - time and temporality as categories of connectedness; Joint conference of the HNR community and Graphs & Networks in the Humanities, “Halakhic Creativity of Sephardic Rabbis Educated in Israel after 1948: A Network Analysis” (with Zvi Zohar and Yanir Marmor)

  3. Research Debuts in Jewish Studies, the Hebrew University, “The geography of the world - the mental maps reflected in Bible translations of the ‘Table of Nations’ (with Avraham Yoskovitch and Yanir Marmor)


  1. American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, “The Cumulative Impact of Elections on Affective Polarization” (with Udi Sommer, online)

  2. Societa Italiana de Sienza Politica, “The Socio-political Nature of the Gender Gap in COVID-19 Vaccinations: An Ecological Analysis” (with Udi Sommer)

  3. The 18th World Congress of Jewish Studies, “Computational Analysis of the Halachic Literature created by Sepharadi Rabbis in Israel, 1967-2020” (with Zvi Zohar and Yanir Marmor)

  4. Midwest Political Science Association, “Deus Ex Machina: How COVID-19 Changed Mass Political Behavior from Lockdowns to Elections and Vaccines” (with Udi Sommer, online)

  5. Broadening Our Approach: A Workshop on Comparative Political Communication, DeWitt Wallace Center for Media and Democracy, Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy, “A Paradigm Shift in the Understanding of Political Campaigns Based on NLP Tools” (with Udi Sommer)


  1. American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, “Quantifying Polarization at Sub-State Levels: A Methodological and Substantive Framework using Election Outcome Shift (EOS)” (with Udi Sommer, online)


  1. Rabani, M; Ben-Hamo, M. Schwartz, M; Rosenberg-Biton, E; Shay, Y; Rappel-Kroyzer, O. Systems and Methods for Monitoring Lane Mark Quality. WO2022149046A1. Published July 14, 2022.

  2. Bolless, E; Karavany, I; Neuhof, B; Rappel-Kroyzer, O; Shpigelman, S; Ben-Ami, H; Aviad, E, Systems and Methods for Determining Road Safety, WO 2021096935A2, published Jul 28, 2022

  3. Rappel-Kroyzer, O; Raphael, A; Karavany, I; Kom, S; Chanovsky, A; Avidan, E and Bolless, E, Clustering Event Information for Vehicle Navigation. WO 2020154599. Published Jul 30, 2020

Scholarships, Honors and Awards

  • Tel-Aviv University School of History, PhD Grant, 2023 ($17,000)

  • Tel-Aviv University Center for Combatting Pandemics PhD scholarship, 2022 ($17,000)

  • Tel-Aviv University Center for Study of the United States excellence scholarship, 2018, 2019, 2020 ($2,000)

  • Hebrew University’s Faculty of Science’ Amirim honors program, 2002-2005 (Full tuition; the most selective program in the Hebrew University)

  • Hebrew University’s Rector Prize, 2003 (top 1%)

  • Hebrew University’s Faculty of Science’ Dean’s list, 2002 (top 5%)

  • Open Universtity’s President honors, 2002 (top 1%)

  • Open University’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Science’ Dean’s honors, 2001 (top 5%)


Tel-Aviv University

PhD Candidate, American History (supervisor: Dr. Yael Sternhell)

Tel-Aviv University

MA, History (2019). Magna Cum Laude

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

BSc. Mathematics, Computer Science and Jewish Philosophy (2005). Magna Cum Laude 

Open University

BA, History (2012). Magna Cum Laude (mostly through Junior high school, high school and military service years)

Industry Employment


2021-2022: Software Engineer, REM mapping group,
2017-2021: Technology Lead, Geographic Dynamic data analysis and GIS, 2017-2021


Startup in the field of cyber-security and operation optimization for industrial systems

2016-2017: Head of R&D

2015-2016: Head of optimization

BrightSource Industries, Israel

Subsidiary of BrightSource Energy, Builder, Planner and operator of large-scale solar thermal power plants

2015-2017: Sr. Director, Solar Field Layout

2013-2015: Sr. Director, Power Generation Modeling, Solar field modeling and SPOC

2011-2013: Sr. Manager, Power Generation Modeling


Startup in the field of firewall management

2010-2011:  Manager, Infrastructure team

BHive Networks

Startup in the field of web application monitoring; acquired by VMWare on 2009

2009-2010: Manager at vSphere iOPs development team

2009: Manager, Mapping group, AppSpeed product

2007-2008: Team Leader, AppRehend team

2006-2007: Software engineer

Startup in the field of continuous storage replication; acquired by EMC on 2006

2005-2006: Software engineer

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