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Or Rappel-Kroyzer

PhD Candidate in American History and Multidisplinary Data Scientist

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About Me

I am an interdisciplinary data scholar. I currently complete my PhD in American History in Tel-Aviv University and work as Chief Scientist in the Center for Interdisciplinary Data Research at the Hebrew University, and as a Senior Research Fellow at the Jewish Public Policy Institute. I also have extensive experience as software engineer, team leader and data scientist in the high-tech industry.


Latest Publication

The UDC California Division Members Database: Using Spatial Analysis to Shed
new Light on the Formation of Civil War Memory in California

In this paper, I present a detailed digital database of all the 6637 organization’s members and officers from roughly half the
years between 1914 to 1979, with additional summarized data for the years 1900-1914. The database is a result of digitization of
membership rolls, including role and addresses, from several dozens yearbooks: scanning, transcribing, extracting structured data
from the transcription, curating and finally geolocating all addresses.

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